About Us

As a leading R/D manufacturer of therapeutics, skin care, and hair care products in the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetic industries, Hepalin.com enters the 21st century with both a foundation built over thirty years, and a new state of the art 20,000 square foot facility. As we continue this growth trend, it is our goal to remain on the cutting edge of technology in the industry of manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, health food, topical creams, lotions, gels, ointments and liquids. With our expertise of research and development, manufacturing, packaging, job tracking, and prompt delivery, we create a quality environment that remains unmatched in the industry. Adding to the many benefits we offer our customers is our new Special Custom On Time service, enabling us to continue to provide product integrity and efficient services to our valued clients.

Hepalin.com has highly trained staff of Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Biochemists, Ph.D. Pharm.D. overseeing extensive testing on all raw materials, in-process batches, and finished products to ensure unsurpassed quality control and quality assurance. Analytical chemistry, stability testing, process validation, microbial and challenge testing are just a few methods that guarantee all finished products from Hepalin.com are within specifications and meet strict FDA guidelines and regulatory compliance.

From a pilot batch to a 1,000 gallon mixture, our facility is equipped with in-line batch control systems to insure reproducibility. The packaging departments employ semi-automatic and fully automated lines, filling a wide array of containers (tubes, jars, bottles, trays, etc.) in various sizes. As we continue to develop innovative ways to manufacture products with the highest efficiency, we are also able to deliver more improved products to our customers at a lower per-unit price in this cost-conscious marketplace.

We strive to be an organization of health professionals, administrative support personnel and physicians dedicated to serving our community and members. We accomplish this by maintaining the physician's independence and patient quality of care by consistently emphasizing customer satisfaction and operational excellence in the communities we are committed to serve. We always believe that a healthy body, a beautiful face, a happy spirit and wealth is not granted automatically. We have committed ourselves to give people the very best that nutrition personal care and life science products have to offer.

We are committed to constant and never-ending improvement. Our goal is to become the world's largest health and Wellness Company, helping millions all over have the opportunity to experience a more abundant life. We are committed to continually searching for ways to fulfill our mission, as we reach out to thousands across the world. We invite you to join us, and would welcome any suggestions you might have.


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